Membership of the South Australian Society of Hypnosis (SASH) is open to health care practitioners eligible to be registered with AHPRA or who are registered members of a health care profession where such a profession is a regulated profession. Where their profession is not regulated, the practitioner must be a member of the pre-eminent body of their profession, as determined from time to time by the Executive Committee of the South Australian Society of Hypnosis (SASH).

Categories of membership

Full Membership: Any person who satisfies our criteria for membership and has completed the Society’s course of training and passed the Society’s examination or has successfully completed another course of training deemed by the Society to be of a least an equivalent standard may apply to become a full member of the Society.

Associate Membership: Any person who satisfies our criteria for membership but has not yet successfully completed the Society’s examination for full membership may apply to become an associate member.

Trainee Membership: A person who does not satisfy our criteria for membership but who by the time they have completed the Society’s course of training will have done so may apply to become a trainee member.

Fellow and/or Honorary Life Membership: A member who in the opinion of the Executive and confirmed by an Annual General Meeting of the Society has performed outstanding or specific service to the Society may be elected a Fellow and/or Honorary Life member of the Society.


The benefits of joining SASH include:

  • Access to professional training in hypnosis and its applications in therapy;
  • Access to advanced training workshops in the specialist applications of hypnotherapy;
  • Access to support in clinical practice, training and research within a professional hypnosis society of Australia with members recognised for their expertise both nationally and internationally;
  • Access to post-graduate education materials;
  • Reduced fees to attend postgraduate education run by SASH
  • Listing on the SASH Referral/Practitioners Page (for Full Members);
  • SASH is a constituent member of the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH) providing SASH members with the opportunity to establish collegial relationships and collaborations with like-minded clinicians internationally.

Membership Fee

Membership for the financial year (July to June) is $150.00


Membership Application – New Members only


SASH Membership Application




    (Highest Academic Qualifications relating to profession in which you will be practising hypnosis).

  • Declaration

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY

    An invoice will be sent after your application has been approved for $150.00 per year (1 July to 30 June).
    Personal information will remain confidential & not shared with any other entity.



Training Programme in Clinical Hypnosis

The South Australian Society of Hypnosis (SASH) runs a 12-month training programme in clinical hypnosis.

For more information, please contact us.